Wrestling fall in exhibitions

Garner 21
Athens Drive 48

103 Justin moody (Athens Drive) Decision 10-5 over Dylan Harden (Garner)
112 Shane Goodchild (Athens Drive) win by forfeit
119 Matthew Peterson (Athens Drive) Fall :17 over James Box (Garner)
125 Isaiah Cain (Garner) Fall 4:52 over Mariano Gomez (Athens Drive)
130 Drew Ginitis (Athens Drive) Decision 6-5 over Anthony Chiles (Garner)
135 Marchus Carter (Garner) Decision 9-6 over Mahammed Samour (Athens Drive)
140 Kevin Chou (Athens Drive) Fall 1:43 over Emon Kizer (Garner)
145 Duc Doan (Athens Drive) Fall 4:32 over Davon Johnson (Garner)
152 Deshawn Utley (Athens Drive) Decision 14-5 over Luke Uhlik (Garner)
160 Ashton Rodgers (Athens Drive) Tech Fall 27-12 over Anthony Finochio (Garner)
171 Tyler Warren (Athens Drive) Fall 2:53 over Benny Francis Sousman (Garner)
189 Jacob Ennis (Garner) win by forfeit
215 Myles Quimbly (Athens Drive) Decision 4-3 over Vincent Mollo (Garner)
285 Tyler Maher (Garner) win by forfeit

Garner 37
Leesville 42

103 Chris Kimmerly (Leesville) Fall 2:48 over Dylan Harden (Garner)
112 John Jones (Leesville) win by forfeit
119 Preston Sherriff (Leesville) Fall 1:35 over James Box (Garner)
125 Isaiah Cain (Garner) Decision 4-2 over Matt Cesan (Leesville)
130 Anthony Chiles (Garner) Fall 1:06 over John Bjerke (Leesville)
135 Marchus Carter (Garner) win by forfeit
140 Emon Kizer (Garner) Major Decision 16-8 over Nick Maoini (Leesville)
145 Zach Cates (Leesville) Fall 1:26 over Davon Johnson (Garner)
152 Bobby Griffin (Leesville) Fall 1:59 over Luke Uhlik (Garner)
160 Anthony Finochio (Garner) win by forfeit
171 Benny Francis Sousman (Garner) Fall 1:48 over Casey Burns (Leesville)
189 Jackson Tucker (Leesville) Fall 1:19 over Jacob Ennis (Garner)
215 Vincenet Mollo (Garner) Fall :40
285 James Morris (Leesville) win by forfeit

Garner will be at West Johnston next Friday and Saturday for Regionals.

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