International exchange students still need homes for the 2010-'11 school year.

Are you interested in turning your home into an international home? Hosting an international student in your home gives your family the enriching opportunity to live with someone from another country.

You share the American experience and learn about another culture at the same time. Students are coming from Brazil, Venezuela, Kosovo, Germany, France, and China.

The responsibilities of a host family include providing three meals per day (if the student wants to take lunch from home, they are responsible for campus & off campus meals) and a place to sleep and study. The student can share a bedroom with a same-gender child of similar age.

The students speak English, have their own spending money (for lunch, extracurricular activities, clothing, etc) and their own health insurance.
Deadline for placement in Wake County is July 30.

If you are interested in hosting or have questions about the process, contact ASAP:
Crystal AllisLocal Coordinator919-285-2693 (office/home)919-413-3652 (cell)

Summer Ball At Fuquay tonight

After a big win over Lee County Last night, the Varsity Summer baseball team is one win away from a playoff spot and they will look to clinch a spot Tuesday night as they travel to Fuquay for a 7:00 first pitch. The JV game will be AT GARNER at 4:30 on Tuesday.

You can listen to the VARSITY game as the Trojan Sports Network will have a LIVE WEB CAST BEGINNING AT 6:50.

And you can be apart of the broadcast by sending a email to to be apart of the broadcast!

Hope you will join us on Tuesday night.


The Garner vs. Lee County game from Monday night is currently begin shown on Time Warner Cable Channel 11. It will be playing on a loop during the week so check back often to catch the game.

You can listen to a replay of the Garner/Lee County game from Monday by by clicking HERE