Cook named Wake County Principal of the Year

The Wake County Public School System named Drew Cook of Garner Magnet High School the 2011 Principal of the Year

Cook has been in education for 14 years and has been principal of Garner Magnet High for 2.5 years. Prior to that, he was an assistant principal and teacher at Garner High.

Cook is a devoted husband and father, spending much of his free time with his wife and their daughters who are 8 and 10. He enjoys playing church softball, golfing, hiking, and weekend trips to the beach.

Cook said continuous collection and analysis of data relevant to instructional programming is important.

“When possible, we work as a collective team to study and identify what we think to be effective practices, then implement these practices in pockets as pilots and watch as the practice spreads when the realization sets in that it is working. Once our best instructional practices have been identified, and school-level data can be used to support the continued use of these strategies, then we can clearly define our expectations for teaching and learning as a school.”

Garner High coach Eddie Gray has known Cook for some time.

“I have known him as a student athlete, fellow social studies teacher, my assistant basketball coach, my assistant principal and now my principal,” said Gray. “Over the years, I have watched him grow from a tall, gangly junior in high school that helped a young varsity basketball coach win a conference championship to an outstanding high school principal that has led our beloved school through some very difficult times.”

Student Rachel Gogal witnessed firsthand the transformation of her school under Cook’s leadership.

“When he was appointed principal, the excitement was evident in the halls and in the classrooms,” said Gogal. “His mission was to make sure we succeeded in all aspects of education, from the International Baccalaureate’s expectations in our classes to our artistic endeavors in theater and chorus to our continued success in athletics. The school is on its way to making his mission come true.”

Click Here for a great video from Coach Boyette congratulating Mr. Cook

Congratulations, Mr. Cook!