Wrestling has great day at Middle Creek

The Garner Wrestling squad were in action yesterday in the second annual Middle Creek Mustang Stampede. There were 21 teams at this tournament and Garner took 7th place!! We had two Champions, Anthony Chiles at 130 and Tyler Maher at 285 and Isaiah Cain took 3rd place. Here are the results:

1st Round:

125 Isaiah Cain (Garner) Fall 3:01 over Mariano Gomez (Athens Drive)
130 Anthony Chiles (Garner) Bye
135 Tyler Johnson (Corinth-Holders) Decision 14-10 over Marchus Carter (Garner)
152 Nate Parrish (Clayton) Fall 4:50 over Luke Uhlik (Garner)
160 Anthony Finochio (Garner) Fall 3:44 over Justin Commee (Kerr-Vance Academy)
171 Kevin Stiles (Enloe) Fall 2:41 over William Hall (Garner)
189 Brandon Russell (Garner) Bye
215 Vincent Mollo (Garner) Fall 3:36 over Elijah Harris (Corinth-Holders)
285 Tyler Maher (Garner) Bye

Quarter Finals:

125 Isaiah Cain (Garner) Decision 7-3 over Cameron Brewer (Corinth-Holders)
130 Anthony Chiles (Garner) Fall 5:13 over Marcus Midgette (Southern Durham)
160 Winston Church (Northern Durham) Major Decision 22-12 over Anthony Finochio (Garner)
189 Jared Tabron (Northern Durham) Fall 3:20 over Brandon Russell (Garner)
215 Vincent Mollo (Garner) Decision 8-2 over Myles Quimby (Athens Drive)
285 Tyler Maher (Garner) Fall 1:09 over Anthony Bradshaw (Enloe)

1st Round Consolation Wrestlebacks:

135 Marchus Carter (Garner) Bye
152 Luke Uhlik (Garner) Bye
171 William Hall (Garner) Bye

2nd Round Consolation Wrestlebacks:

135 Marchus Carter (Garner) Fall 2:58 over Matthew Ahlers (Enloe)
152 Luke Uhlik (Garner) Fall 3:21 over Mike Brito (Heritage)
171 William Hall (Garner) Fall 1:30 over Christian Novak (Clayton)

3rd Round Consolation Wrestlebacks:

135 Bradley Wheeler (New Bern) Fall 1:28 over Marchus Carter (Garner)
152 Josh Smith (Kerr Vance Academy) Fall 3:55 over Luke Uhlik (Garner)
171 Keith Neal (West Johnston) Fall 3:37 over William Hall (Garner)
189 Brandon Russell (Garner) Decision 17-15 over Ernesto Cervantes (Lee County)

Semi Finals:

125 Luke Mincey (Orange) Decision 11-2 over Isaiah Cain (Garner)
130 Anthony Chiles (Garner) Decision 9-6 over Drew Ginitis (Athens Drive)
215 Chris Frampton (Kerr Vance Academy) Decision 6-2 over Vincent Mollo (Garner)
285 Tyler Maher (Garner) Decision 6-1 over Chris Waters (New Bern)

Semi Consolation Wrestlebacks:

125 Isaiah Cain (Garner) Major Decision 8-0 over Carnell Lewis (Enloe)
189 DeMititreus Davenport (New Bern) Fall 1:37 over Brandon Russell (Garner)
215 James Barrett (Eastern Wayne) Decision 3-1 over Vincent Mollo (Garner)

Final Consolation Wrestlebacks:

125 Isaiah Cain (Ganer) Forfeit 5 Match Rule - 3rd Place

Final Round:

130 Anthony Chiles (Garner) Decision 6-0 over Eric Milks (New Bern) - Anthony Chiles - Champion
285 Tyler Maher (Garner) Fall 3:52 over Devan Caldwell (Wakefield) - Tyler Maher - Champion

Varsity Results:

125 - Isaiah Cain - 3rd Place
130 - Anthony Chiles - Champion
285 - Tyler Maher - Champion

JV Results:

Terry Whitehead - 1st Place
Davon Johnson - 2nd Place
Isaiah Davis - 2nd Place
Sean Owens - 3rd Place
Daniel Kalambayi - 3rd Place

Garner will return to wrestling on Wednesday, January 26th at East Wake.

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